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I used to be a proponent of the "Lua should hide endianess" issue, but not so any more.

The reason is that I've noticed building all precompiled chunks always _inside_ the C/C++ binary. And if I do this, endianess is no longer an issue anyways.

Do you others really have .lch files that are loaded off the disk, at runtime?

- asko

On Thu, 05 Mar 2009 09:06:13 -0500
 Ralph Hempel <> wrote:
John Hind wrote:

This approach makes Lua "safe by default" and anyone implementing bytecode support is made responsible for the integrity of the bytecodes between write and read operations (for example by restricting to a protected store, or
even by implementing cryptographic signing).

Strongly agree.

Can I also request that consideration be given to sorting out the "endedness" problem for Lua bytecode? Either pick an endedness for the saved format and convert if necessary on both write and read, or if this is thought inefficient, have a flag for the endedness in the format and convert
on read if necessary.

Strongly agree.

Going to the next incremental minor number has usually been the point where breakage might occur, so 5.2 seems as good a place as any to get
this sorted out.