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As far as I know, 'lua' became slang for restroom in hawaii after portuguese explorers used it to ask for the bathroom,
hinting at the carving of a crescent moon often decorating the door.

No idea where the origins of the martial art comes from though, but I doubt it's related, no :)

Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
I was reading this Pacific Mythology book and bumped into something that may help further clarify (or confuse) the issue of the meaning of Lua in Hawaiian.

Search Google for "hawaiian dictionary lua", and click on the link that has the Hawaiian-English Google Book. It shows more clearly the meanings of Lua.

'Toilet' seems to be modern usage, and hole/cave thing seems to be the original meaning. [...]

If we search for "hawaiian lua" (without "dictionary") we get lots of
stuff about a martial art called Lua. Do you (or someone else) know how
this other meaning fits in? (They do not seem to worry about fighting a
style called "toilet" ;)

-- Roberto