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Glenn McAllister wrote:

What happens if you run the "morally equivalent" script from a file?

Sorry, I had changed around some of the variable for the interactive session to show that its any assignment of 2^3 that triggers the issue, and not just resetting y.

If I change the script to:

 x = 2^3
 print('x = ', x)

 y = 10 % x
 print('y = ', y)

 z = 2^3
 print('z = ', z)

I get the expected output:

 x =     8
 y =     2
 z =     8

OK, so running from a script seems to work. So far so good.

Its z = 2^3, which should have the value of 8. So I'm using constants, not the variable.

But interestingly, if I change the last assignment in the script from

  z = 2 ^ 3

to be

 z = y ^ 3

I now get the broken output:

 x =     8
 y =     2
 z =     4.0096609170284

Which may lead to thinking that y is not really 2

What happens when you ask for:

z = y ^ 2
z = y ^ 4

Adding the following to the end of the script:

 a = 2 ^ 3
 print ('a = ', a)

Gives me the following:

 x =     8
 y =     2
 z =     4.0096609170284
 a =     8

Looks like there might be some incompatibility in the numerical
representation on the PPC vs x86

You mention that the host is PPC-32 bit. What does its internal
float representation look like? Is it single or double precision?

I'm assuming you're running some sort of POSIX kernel on the PPC
in an embedded box?