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Eike Decker wrote:

Is it possible to get the line number of an inspected local value? Currently, only the name and value is returned... however, retrieving the line number would be quite useful as well...

I don't think you can during runtime but I do this through an offline parser prior to running any of the Lua scripts.

In lparser.c "static int singlevaraux (FuncState *fs, TString *n, expdesc *var, int base)" you can find upvalue & local line numbers and I also grab global line numbers from lparser.c "static void singlevar (LexState *ls, expdesc *var)". Basically, the "Get*" functions you'll see referenced below convert the TString* to char* through the macro getstr() and from the LexState* I get the "lastline" member for the line number then dispatch those values back to the app.


static int singlevaraux (FuncState *fs, TString *n, expdesc *var, int base) {
 if (fs == NULL) {  /* no more levels? */
   init_exp(var, VGLOBAL, NO_REG);  /* default is global variable */
   return VGLOBAL;
 else {
   int v = searchvar(fs, n);  /* look up at current level */
   if (v >= 0) {
     init_exp(var, VLOCAL, v);
     if (!base)
       markupval(fs, v);  /* local will be used as an upval */
     else // <-- added
       GetLocal(n, fs->ls); // <-- added
     return VLOCAL;
   else {  /* not found at current level; try upper one */
     if (singlevaraux(fs->prev, n, var, 0) == VGLOBAL)
       return VGLOBAL;
var-> = indexupvalue(fs, n, var); /* else was LOCAL or UPVAL */
     var->k = VUPVAL;  /* upvalue in this level */
     GetUpvalue(n, fs->ls); // <-- added
     return VUPVAL;


static void singlevar (LexState *ls, expdesc *var) {
 TString *varname = str_checkname(ls);
 FuncState *fs = ls->fs;
 if (singlevaraux(fs, varname, var, 1) == VGLOBAL)
 { // <-- added
var-> = luaK_stringK(fs, varname); /* info points to global name */
   GetGlobal(varname, ls); // <-- added
 } // <-- added