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On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Mark Tomczak <> wrote:
Greetings everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Sim Ops Studios has just opened the Wild
Pockets 3D web engine for public beta. Wild Pockets is a system to
allow simple, straightforward development of games and other 3D web
applications. In addition to the ability to render 3D scenes, the
engine also includes support for mouse-and-keyboard input, physics and
collision simulation, sound, modern shader technology (normal maps,
per-pixel lighting, and gloss maps), and management of online
resources, all built in. The engine uses Lua as its scripting language
and includes full documentation of the API within the engine itself.

An ambitious web-based collaborative game creator - very interesting, I like the look of this a lot. I look forward to making something out of it.

I have a question though - is the reference for the Lua API only available through the help interface within the designer, or is it available in HTML/plain text somewhere else that I have not found? I know there is the manual but a bare "cheat-sheet" style reference list of every class etc. would be very useful while I'm getting to grips with the system.