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A few more minor comments:

Chapter 6:
First paragraph: "words as executed as soon as they are read" -> "words are executed as soon as they are read"

Introduction: last paragraph. There is a "(1)" in the middle of the text. Has it any meaning?

Forth via examples: End of first paragraph
Note that "words" are sequences on non-whitespace characters -> Note that "words" are sequences of non-whitespace characters

Chapter 7:
Listing 5: maybe it would be better to remove the comment marks or to align them

Capítulo 8:
First paragraph: I think sentence "adds support the developing web applications" could be changed
to "adds support for developing web applications" or "adds support for the development of web applications"

Request dispatching: Overview
Second paragraph: "an simple way" -> "a simple way"

Example 2: Second paragraph: "we use replace the match function" -> "we replace the match function"

Conclusion: "Instead of locking the user into a specific solutions"
-> "Instead of locking the user into a specific solution"

Chapter 9:
The Lua part of the filter: last paragraph, fourth line: "filer" -> "filter"


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De: Sérgio Medeiros <>
Para: Lista lua <>
Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 11 de Fevereiro de 2009 13:52:38
Assunto: Doubts Lua Programming Gems


I have started to read the book and I have some doubts
about the chapter 4: Serialization with Pluto

In page 36, the first time Pluto is used, there are some uses
of the "io" library which do not seem correct.

The code there is:

infile ="test.plh", "rb")
encoded ="*a")

I think it should be:

infile ="test.plh", "rb")
encoded = infile:read("*a")  -- using the file handle "infile"
infile:close()   -- using the ":" operator now

The same thing happens in Listing 2.

Two minor comments about Chapter 3: Vardump

Page 29, third paragraph: I think "an generic" should be "a generic"
Listing 1: in the second "if-else", the else's alternatives are not aligned.


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      Veja quais são os assuntos do momento no Yahoo! +Buscados