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One other thing to note about my recycled buffer approach:

Unless you need it for something else, you could set the environment on the C function to be a weak table and then just access the value at a fixed integer index. The size should be obtained from the userdata to make this all multi-universe friendly. My first round of code here wasn't multi-universe friendly since it used a global for the size.

	lua_rawgeti( L, LUA_ENVIRONINDEX, 1 );
	size = lua_objlen( L, -1 );

	if( size < needSize ) {
		lua_pop( L, 1 );
		buf = lua_newuserdata( L, needSize );
		lua_pushvalue( L, -1 );
		lua_rawseti( L, LUA_ENVIRONINDEX, 1 );
	} else {
		buf = lua_touserdata( L, -1 );

That could obviously be wrapped up in a utility function.

One other thing to do is to inflate need size if we actually do an allocation to make it less likely that we will have to come back around and do another allocation. For example, one might insist that it be at least 256 and a power of two up to 4096 at which point it needs to be a multiple of 4096. (Actually, one would probably want to do this with some knowledge of Lua's overhead on userdata size and the behavior of the underlying memory allocator. For example, we might actually want to be just a bit shy of these values.)