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Bester Husselmann <> [2008-11-04 12:07:14]:

> Hello there,


> I am building a C++ application for Windows CE (ARM-based processor) and  
> am running into a peculiar problem. When Lua is mistreated, e.g.:

I use Lua on various Windows CE/Mobile/Pocket PC devices for more like 3 years
now and I've never had any problems with Lua itself. It's OS issues always.

>    lua_newtable(L);
>    lua_pushnumber(L, 1);
>    lua_pushstring(L, NULL); // Shouldn't work, should it?
>    lua_settable(L, -3);
> it does not give an exception, doesn't give an error via the lua_atpanic  
> function, and doesn't output anything to the console.

Try to change atpanic() to use MessageBox() instead of that fprintf(), or try
regular file instead of that stderr.

> application exits (again, without any error) and the output window in  
> Visual Studio shows a Data Abort exception, which is apparently an  
> ARM-specific processor-level exception. These also happen when I try to  
> call a function that doesn't exist to concatenate its result to a  
> string, e.g.
>    log("The string is: " .. some_nonexistant_function("bob"))

Maybe if you provide minimal test case with complete source code, somebody
might be able to help you more.

> Can anyone give me a pointer (pun not intended, I swear) towards what to  
> do to get some detailed error reporting?

Compile Lua stand-alone interpreter(lua.c) for Windows CE and try to run your
log() test case there. If it's working as you've expected, then you can
cherry-pick Lua error reporting code in docall() function to your C++ application.

-- ynezz