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2009/2/20 Mike Schmitz <>:
> I like it, I may have to use that one... ;-)
> I apologize for my peevishness to you and to the list.

Thanks man. I'll admit you had me going there. It felt like a crash
course in "how to discourage people from taking any effort whatsoever
if it could spare others some hassle."

Someone tells me I should educate myself, has no clue what he's
saying. Someone tells me I'm a GNU basher has no clue what he's
saying. Someone implies my question about the luaproc license change
was out of malice or some twisted sense of self-interest, or even of
any significance or consequence to my person in any way at all, should
have his head examined.

Happy to hear, that someone is not you ;-)

I would apologize for my response as well, but like I said I've had my
quotum for today. You can use my joke though! I hereby release it
under the GPL.

2009/2/20 Joseph Stewart <>:
> Cheers dude! Your comments gave me a hearty laugh at the end of an
> irritating week.
> -joe

Then something good came out of all this afterall :o Makes me glad to
have asked about that license switch.

I want my cigar...