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Mark Meijer <> writes:

> 2009/2/19 Alexandre Skyrme <>:
>> your question is by no means insolent. as a matter of fact, i must
>> admit i didn't put a lot of thought when choosing the license. so,
>> after your message and a brief internal discussion, we decided to
>> change it to the mit license, which is also used for lua itself.
>> i already altered the project info at luaforge and the copyright
>> notice included in the released file(s).
> On a side note, and not to be picky (I do hope the answer to my
> question is yes in this particular case), but is GPL-ed software even
> allowed to have that GPL license removed and replaced by a different
> license?

The original author of software can at any time pick any license for any
distribution path that he desires.

The choice of license for a particular distribution channel binds the
recipients of the software via that channel, not the author.

The author can't retract a license permission already given for copies
received via a particular channel.  He can close down the channel, and
he can pick other licenses for the same or future versions or even past
versions.  The license pertains to copies of the software, not the
software "as such".

David Kastrup