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On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 7:43 PM, Neil Richardson wrote:
> LuaDBI is a database interface library for Lua.

Thanks for your contribution.  What are the main ways this differs
from LuaSQL?  Well, in part you've already answered that:

> LuaDBI also provides support for prepared statement handles,
> placeholders and bind parameters for all database operations.

Coming from a Perl background, bind parameters (with prepared
statements) was something I've thought was really lacking in LuaSQL,
as well as PHP (though perhaps they've since fixed that).  One of my
Perl modules[2] deals specifically with simplifying the use of bind
parameters, and I've thought it would be useful to port that to Lua if
Lua supported bind parameters.  I'm not doing much database work right
now, so maybe someone else would take that up.