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On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:56 AM, John Hind <> wrote:
The initial (beta) release of Grunt, a new Lua-based Shell Scripting System
for Windows, has been posted on LuaForge. The download includes the runtime,
full documentation and some example scripts. Source code will follow

Grunt is a scripting system for the Windows Shell based on the Lua
programming language. In contrast to other scripting systems such as Windows
Power Shell, it is based on graphical user interface concepts rather than a
command line and it is compact and self-contained. It was designed
originally for automating Portable Applications on USB Flash Drives and for
complex "suction" backup routines on removable disk drives. Headline

. Fully featured scripting language based on Lua.

. System Tray icon and right-click menu customisable from Lua.

. Ability to start and manage application and command processes.

. File management facilities based on the Shell Object hierarchy.

. Ability to arrange application windows on multiple monitors.

. Support for mount and dismount of removable drives.

. Ability to spawn a secondary script with elevated privileges under Vista.

. Sophisticated time and date handling with scheduling.

Please provide feedback, bugs etc. on the LuaForge forums for the project.

This looks very impressive. What are your thoughts about including it in LfW? That would make the .gnt extension fire grunt.exe by double-clicking and add syntax highlighting for .gnt files... etc.