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To fulfill the picture, distributions (Debian, RPM, OS X Fink, LfW etc.) do provide dynamic libraries.

There are quite a many details involved in exactly how the names, linkages etc. need to be done, which is very system specific. Personally I find this two-tier approach good. Maybe there could be a 'linux-so' target in the src/Makefile, or at least comments as to why dynamic libraries are not among the targets.


pan shizhu kirjoitti 14.2.2009 kello 4:32:

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 1:22 PM, Ralf Peng <> wrote:
How to build that a dynmic lib? b/c my modsecurity installtion need
it, thanks again.

Lua is an embedded language, the typical use is to build the source
together with your main program, so in most cases you don't need the
dynamic lib.

In most cases you will add/remove features to the embedded language so
it isn't quite useful to distribute a "generic" dynamic lib and the
Lua should in most cases distributed as sources instead of binaries.

I've attached a CMakeLists.txt which should help you build the dynamic
lib on Linux. If you know how to use cmake and you have a working
Linux system it should work for you.