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Hi - first post here!

I could really do with some advice on how to speed up a script I've written. 

Basically, the script does a string.find on a large piece of text (500 words-ish - sometimes more) for occurrences of any word from a list of over 40,000.
At the moment, I'm going through a table which contains the 40,000 "check words" and performing this string.find on each one. 

Something similar to:
local #d = getTagValues(); --returns 40,000 entry table of string values
for i=1,#d do
m, document = checkForItem(d[i], document); --check to see if document contains word from table
if m == true then
if ll == "FULL" then
logln("%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S")..": Found item: "..d[i]);

This is taking anything up to 15 seconds or more. That sounds fairly quick, but this is actually a bottle neck in an extremely quick system.
Is there a quicker way to do what I'm doing here? Ideally it would do all 40k checks in a second - at the mo I would be grateful for 3 seconds! 

I realise that if there isn't then I should perhaps consider a different methodology altogether - which I am doing, but we've invested quite a lot in this script and it would be great if it could really perform.

Thanks for any help.

Nathan Trevivian


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