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David Given wrote:
> If you were going to do this properly, of course, rather than as a hack,
> you'd write a custom Lua interpreter that ran in native code. For
> example, PICBIT is a Scheme interpreter that runs on a PIC18, and claims
> to get about 37000 bytecodes per second on a 40MHz device. NanoVM is a
> Java VM that runs on the ATmega8, which claims about 20000 standard Java
> bytecodes per second on an 8MHz part. So running Lua on one of these
> things is certainly quite possible.

Sure, check out Pico Lua:

It translates Lua bytecode to PIC16 assembler. It runs on a
PIC16F876 (14K Flash, 368 bytes of RAM!). It has its limitations,
of course. Lua is basically used as a high level macro assembler.