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Last time I looked they were tight on memory – checking again, RAM is still tight at 32K while memory at 256K is just about enough from our discussion. Microchip always put me off before by charging (a lot) for unlimited versions of their C compiler, but there may be open-source tool chains available now (or this is probably not an issue for you if you already use these).


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Sent: 09 February 2009 14:23
To: Lua list
Subject: dsPIC33F Lua support (Was: Advocating Lua on an embedded systems fair)



I am not that familiar with embedded programming, but at my work we are looking into running Lua on an embedded platform we use internally at the company. My question is: Can Lua run on a dsPIC33F micro? If not what is the cheapest and best micro we could use? Any suggestions and help would be great. Thanks.

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