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I would say something like "practical applications in as little as 256k/64k
ROM/RAM". Remember the audience: you are telling them they can use a SOAC
microcontroller costing less than $20 (but the 32bit high-end of the range,
not an 8bit chip). Few interpreted language systems can boast that! The
embedded space is very cost sensitive and the important thing is the price
break-point: if it fits on a SOAC the cost will be much lower than a
multi-chip solution.
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On Mon, 9 Feb 2009 10:03:19 -0000
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> One nit-pick. I would prefer to quote "reasonable practical minimum"
> requirements rather than the absolute minimum achievable in a pure
> benchmarking exercise. On this basis 100K of flash seems low, and in the
> embedded context it would be useful to talk about RAM also as these
> resources are often very tight on embedded chips.

It wasn't meant to indicate the total size of the flash. I would expect
(and implied) additional libraries and the actual application on the
device, which was the reason I was talking about Lua's "ROM-able"
binary. My suggestion for the next iteration would be "Fits into 128k
ROM, 64k RAM per interpreter state". This should be solid, even if
standard libraries were missing on the target system. Still, the space
for a line of text that size is very limited, suggestions for better
wording are welcome.

- Timm

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