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You are receiving this email because we have corresponded in the
past about pbLua. If you don't want to see anymore of these emails,
send me a note and I'll take you off the list - I promise.

pbLua is an implementation of Lua for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT
that allows you to program your NXT using a real text based
language, but you do not need to install a compiler on your
computer. All you need is a terminal emulator program.


The pbLua website has been updated with a new firmware file.

The Beta 17d version now has the ability to send text to
the console without the automatic carriage return at the
end of the string.

It's also got XMODEM data transfer between the NXT and a
host computer - useful when you need to log LOTS of data.

Get the new version at:


There's also a tutorial on using the new XMODEM feature at:


Upcoming tutorials will (finally) feature the built in
cooperative multitasking of Lua found in the coroutine functions.

There will also be some discussion on the experimental inclusion of
the debug functions.

Cheers, Ralph