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The API you're looking for is probably exposed as COM components, which you can interface with using either LuaCOM or LuaInterface.

Possible starting point:

Since outlookhooker already uses LuaInterface, you're probably better off with the latter.

-- Thiago

On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 6:10 PM, Paul Chambers <> wrote:
New to the list, hope someone can help with a question.

Has anyone integrated Lua as a Microsoft Outlook add-in?

The reason I ask is that I have a largish number (5k+) of contacts, almost all of which are duplicates. But not exact duplicates, various things have been munged during syncing back and forth to devices and services I've tried. The result is that the commercial duplicate removal tools either:

a) don't see them as duplicates,

b) or worse, do see them as duplicates, but do a very poor job of automatically merging them together (i.e. they lose or duplicate information).

I suspect I can fix perhaps 75% of the duplicates with a little scripting. But I don't have the time for, or interest in, becoming proficient in Microsoft's technologies. (It'd be faster to merge them all by hand :)

A little Googling turned up 'OutlookHooker' ( but if I understand the overview correctly, it doesn't expose the Outlook object model to a Lua script, only trigger scripts from Outlook events.

Has anyone fully 'Lua-enabled' Outlook? can anyone offer any other insightful suggestions?


-- Paul