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> I am trying to get a fully fledged lua running inside the linux kernel (
> I already have a working version but one of
> the remaining issues I have before I can go onto bindings is getting the
> syncronization right. The kernel is a pre-emptive enviorment, meaning it is
> simmilar to multiple threads accessing the SAME lua_state at the same time.
> Should implementing the lua_(un)lock be enough? If so where is the correct
> place to initialize the lock_t?

Hello, Daniel.

I'm working on the same approach. I've developed a port of Lua to
Linux kernel (called lunatik), with the purpose of extend it
dynamically, on my undergraduate final project (December/2008) under
the guidance of professor Roberto Ierusalimschy.

I'm very curious about your project: did you already write any
application? where exactly are you having trouble with

Lourival Vieira Neto