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You can serialise functions (but sadly not closures - their upvalues get
stripped) using string.dump and you can serialise tables in special formats
(or XML, or Lua source) using various libraries. You can persist both using
Pluto, but again in a special format. My "itch" is that it should be
possible to serialise run-time objects in dump format such that they can be
read back using loadstring. The "engram" concept generates an outer function
which constructs a data object and passes it off to the inner function -
similar in concept to a closure, but with deep copy of tables and able to
survive a round-trip through string.dump/loadstring.

I'm aiming for a single-chip (SOAC) Lua implementation (on a high-end
microcontroller) with a unified serial input stream used both for
application loading and for run-time messaging. Round-tripping through the
compiler is inefficient both in processing and in memory use (particularly
for messaging) and I would also like to retain the possibility of dropping
the compiler components to reduce the memory footprint in lower-end
microcontroller chips.

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>>Of Asko Kauppi Sent: 02 February 2009 21:50

>>You got me interested on what you're actually trying to gain.

>>Lanes has similar stuff, when it dumps functions between Lua states.  
>>What's your particular itch on this?

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