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Hi All,

Since I am experiencing unusual frustration, I thought I could share
it, and perhaps somebody else has been through the pain as well. I'm
trying to get a LuaInterface build compatible with the latest
LuaBinaries; the latest LuaInterface is no use, since it is now
completely managed code (hm, I always thought Lua did a good job of
managing itself!). So 1.5.3 it is, and it works great, but it's been
built against the old Lua51.dll.  Since the idea is to add this to Lua
for Windows, that is unfortunately a no-no.

I don't have the full MS tool stack, but I do have the command-line
C++ compiler from the SDK, and of course, csc. I'm getting the dreaded
'cannot instantiate interpreter' message.  (I downloaded Visual C++
Express in great hope, but this uses _yet another runtime_)

steve d.