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Good Day everyone,
I would like to ask why Lua scope is global default? I have tried combing the message boards for a reason as to why this is set to work this way, but to no avail. I do not mean any insult to anyone, but isn't this a bad practice, especially for an embeddable language? With many games using this language to allow customization and modification to the game itself, I find this becomes prone to errors, particularly for new programmers.

For example, the game "Garry's Mod" uses Lua to create the tools and functions of the game to interact with the environment. However, often many new and experienced programmers alike sometimes overlook scope during the course of their programming, and this creates subtle conflicts that sometimes break down the game experience. Also, very often, as many modifications are installed to the game, these subtle conflicts can cause catastrophe, and make bug squashing very very difficult, as by themselves, these modifications work flawlessly.

Is there a possibility of Lua moving away from this? Or perhaps, allowing the embedding programmer to change the default scope?

  I thank you for your time! :-)