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On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 02:37:55PM -0400, Matthew M. Burke wrote:
> Norman Ramsey wrote:
>>  So if I do manage to get this thing bundled up nicely as a separate
>> package, what is the best way to make it available?  luaforge?
>> Lua-users wiki?  Some other path?

If you put it on luaforge, the source will be available in a known place
(with a nice search feature). If you want to build a debian package I'll
be happy to help/sponsor your upload to the official archive.

> As I find myself making use of Lua rocks more, and finding it to be a  
> nice (fairly) painless means for getting my Lua environment established  
> when I switch to a new machine, I would recommend that approach.

Yes, rocks are getting popular, but I think having the project on
luaforge is the first step, then a rock pointing there can be easily

Enrico Tassi