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COPAS is a fine solution for the server-multiple connections problem.
For serious client/server, I tend to agree that you need to go for a
serious framework. However, I have a web interface problem for which a
COPAS server is a good fit; it's a little embedded linux device that
needs a web control interface with one user at any time.

On the CGI side, there is an interesting hybrid solution. Write a
little GCI script which makes connections to a persistent client
server, passes it the GGI parameters, reads the result back from the
socket, and writes it out. Handles the famous persistence problem

steve d.

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 8:29 PM, Enno Rehling <> wrote:
> gary ng wrote:
> > why not just write some CGI using standard HTTP
> > server. What you are describing are pretty standard
> > stuff. I see no point of writing a server for it.
> >
>  That is exactly what I was thinking. No point reinventing the wheel. Plus
> your own threading and network code will never be as good as apache, and
> will never run on as many platforms.
>  Enno.
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