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CGILua right now is as fast as CGI on FastCGI, because it is creating one state (using rings) per request, for isolation. Creating Lua states is pretty cheap, but reading and recompiling all CGILua libraries from disk in this new state is a good bottleneck for simple scripts. The latest versions of Kepler have a better isolation model for WSAPI/Orbit applications that is much faster, I'll shoehorn CGILua in this model sometime (needs a major refactoring of CGILua).

Fabio Mascarenhas

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 6:57 PM, Stefan <> wrote:
I have the opposite problem with the cache on FreeBSD. It always reloads on each request, so the scripts are run like CGI (one invocation per request). Still extremely fast though - much quicker then FastCGI + cgilua through Apache for some reason. Lighttpd on FreeBSD is quite buggy right now, so mod_wombat is what we are moving forward with.

FWIW - I recently submitted a FreeBSD port of mod_wombat to the official ports & package tree (PR 122701). So it should be available soon to everyone that uses that platform. Just 'make install clean' and you are good to go. I *do* still need to make a man page for it though...