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On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 4:12 AM, Bertrand Mansion <> wrote:
>  Le 21 avr. 08 à 23:11, Matthew M. Burke a écrit :
> >
> > FYI---
> >
> > the funded projects for Google's Summer of Code have just been announced.
> Although Lua wasn't an accepted organization this year, Lua is being
> represented amongst the funded projects:
> >
> > Maxime Petazzoni will be working on improvements to mod_wombat --- Brian
> McCallister's Apache module that allows for Lua scripted responses to HTTP
> requests.  In particular, Maxime will be working on interfacing to  mod_dbd
> so that you can access (pooled) db connections, etc from Lua scripts.
> >
>  That's very good news :)
>  I have tried mod_wombat some time ago and here are the problems I had:

i tried it too.  didn't have as many problems; but that's because i
never succeded in compiling it.  :-)    AFAIR, the big big problem was

i'd love to see it working!  in the meantime, i'm resigned with my
multi-threaded fork of Xavante.  (works.... for tests and internal
apps, nowhere near production-stable)