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If you search MSDN you will find some of the answers to your questions.

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Wesley Smith <> wrote:
> This is somewhat OT (but not in the sense that it's part of a larger
>  lua project).  I don't really use windows that often and am looking
>  for some pointers for tracking down some really nasty dll issues.  How
>  does one deal with static data members in a C++ class that's in a dll?
>   I can't find any info googling.  As best I can tell, my static vars
>  are off in some strange memory zone and thus causing crashes.  Anyone
>  perhaps know something about this, where I can find info, better
>  places to ask?
>  thanks for humoring me,
>  best,
>  wes

David Burgess