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> data. Do you want help to write such a benchmark ?

Hi, thanks for your help. I dont know much about
benchmarks but i found this page:
and added my objects. 
The results on WinXP SP2 AMD64 3000+: (lua/luajit)

approach1, 1 function  Time: 32/4
approach2, 4 functions  Time: 48/7
approach3, 4 functions, 1 table  Time: 42/10
approach4, 3 functions, 3 tables  Time: 47/18
Direct Access  Time: 16/7

Approach 1 is maybe the fastest but also not very
flexibel. I also dont want to measure the frequency of
method calls to arrange the if blocks. Thats to much
So i will take approach 3 because its more elegant and
flexibel than all the others and the performance is

Greets, Marc

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