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No doubt it is possible - very few things are impossible in Python, after all.

For instance, it could be done with pyexect, but AFAIK this does not work
with Windows. There is no pseudoterminal concept in Windows, although
connecting interactive processes with pipes works fine, unless the program
is using direct console access. (This is why lexpect can't work with
Windows ftp client, for instance)

Besides, if Python developers feel strongly enough about it, they
can do it themselves - the Lua source should not give them
_too many_ problems.  Currently, I have other things I need to do.

steve d.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 10:29 AM, Abhinav Lele <> wrote:
> interesting...
>  "This may be of only incidental interest to people, except that I
>  found it amusing that this solution requires Python developers to use
>  Lua ;) "
>  why is it not possible with python .. wht specific feature are u using ?