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> So for some reason, despite returning the fact that I said the match 
> succeeded, it appears to have failed and is calling it again.  At this 
> point, I'm not sure what captured element is being provided, unless its the 
> entire table of chunks.

In your trace there is this sequence, just after the Cmt execution:

|| s: | three| stck: 12 c: 16  89: commit -> 102
|| s: | three| stck: 11 c: 16  102: ret
|| s: | three| stck: 10 c: 16  197: failtwice

The commit seems consistent with the choice in your rule (" + Cs...");
The return seems to finish the rule EndifExpr. But then there is this
failtwice. This instruction is generated only by a not predicate ('a-b'
or '-b'). Are you sure your pattern does not have this predicate?

-- Roberto