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Eugen-Andrei Gavriloaie wrote:
> Here is a piece of lua script:
> a={some_key="some value...",some_other_key=233.2,"value without key"}
> [...]
> Normally I do:
> lua_createtable();
> lua_push... //key
> lua_push... /value
> lua_settable(L, -3);
> But lua_settable is extracting 2 elements from the stack. What should
> I put instead of the first lua_push to obtain an auto assigned key? 

You can't get the exact same result without tracking the number of
"auto-assigned" keys yourself, but you can use the following to have a
similar result:

lua_push...(L, value);
lua_rawseti(L, -2, lua_objlen(L, -2));