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Keep in mind that C# serverside demands either mono or .net, and mono wasn't on par with my expectations last time I tried to use it (even for trivial 'register user to db' -type apps, but might have changed now..

If you're on a non-win platform, I'd take luasoap over C# under mono any day, but if you're on window server, nothing beats wcf, it's very well done.. I highly recommend this book for that,

Robert Raschke wrote:
On 4/8/08, Daniel Ventura de Oliveira <> wrote:
Is there a way to create a WebService in Lua to be consumed by a C#

I would recommend just using C# for the server, if that's going to be
your client. You're assured that they'll fit together.

Alternatively, investigate a RESTful interface, that's much much
easier. Obviously, that only works if you don't have any clients yet
that demand SOAP.

I never got anywhere with LuaSOAP. A simple client server in Lua
worked, but C# as a client did not. These days I write SOAP clients in
Lua using hand rolled marshalling. That is a little brittle, since
changes in the SOAP interface might break my code. But WSDL is just
too obscure for me. I've given up on ever writing a SOAP server, it
has too many inconsistencies and implementations, like everything else
in the web world. And my brain is too small for that.