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pbLua - Programmable Brick Lua for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT


There's a new pbLua version Beta14n that fixes a few issues in the
file system, as well as adding a new function called Checksum() to
sum the characters in a string.

Hmmm, I wonder what that might be useful for...

The file system tutorial has a section at the end that shows you how to
automatically run a Lua file on power up with no intervention and no
console attached. That would have been handy for the UAV project...

Here are the latest new tutorials:

File System:


HiTechnic IR Link:


Codatex RFID Sensor:


Precision Motor Control (like a servo)


I'll be adding a tutorial on all of the built-in math functions, which
includes square roots, trig functions, logs, exponents, etc...

Cheers, and keep the comments (and donations) coming in!

Ralph Hempel