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It might sound stupid, but it seems that I can't find a way to iterate through a table in c++. Suppose we have a table pushed onto the stack (lua calls a c++ function and passes all the parameters using a table: key/value pairs). How do I iterate on that table (present on the top of stack) in c++? I need both elements (key and value).

Please don't make fun of me now because I think I'll try to scratch with my left on the right side of my head .... :)

One approach would be to globalize the table from the stack by giving it a name using lua_setglobal and after that evaluate a generated lua script like this:

for k,v in pairs(_some_random_name) do

evaluation is made using lua_loadstring()/lua_pcall()

After this, we can use lua_setglobal again to set `_some_random_name` to nil and make the table available for GC.

But this is a huuuuge implementation overhead IMHO, because you must keep a state in c++ outside the function call_another_cpp_function_that_handles_only_one_row_in_the_table (store the key/value pair (now present on the stack like 2 distinct elements, easy to pick up) into a more c++ manageable form like a vector or a map). Is there another better solution to this problem?

Thank you