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We want it to run *on* Java. As noted by others we don't want to have to worry about whether our C based engine can port to any particular device. In some cases (and platforms) we only have access to our own little Java sandbox.

We have considered an alternative to a true port by using only a subset of Lua and supporting it instead. On the back-end we would merely "compile" each Wherigo cartridge into the supporting language on the platform whether it be J2ME or whatever.

Either direction seems reasonable at this point. We considered other languages like Python (and the hairy mess of converting existing games) but the footprint is way too large for some of the target platforms. I still think Lua is a viable solution in either scenario.

It's too bad there's a full port locked in a basement somewhere. Perhaps there's a fee to wake it from its slumber. We’re definitely open to applying our budget to unearth something that was already created.


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David Given says:

Do you want it to run *on* Java (so the interpreter is written in Java), or do you want it to run *with* Java (so the interpreter is written in C with bridge methods to allow you to call it from Java)? It shouldn't make a difference to the API either way.

Personally, I'd quite like something rather different: a Lua *compiler* that generates Java source code. On a lot of the platforms I develop for (GWT, Android) I'm basically stuck with Java, which while it does have some nice features, doesn't really have the nice features I want...

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