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Our new project at implements Lua as part of our game engine. It currently runs on Pocket PC and on the Garmin Colorado. We have a small but growing list of authors creating real-world GPS-enabled games on the Wherigo platform.

We're at a crossroads. We're looking at porting Wherigo to Java since many mobile applications run Java. We dismissed the iPhone since they exclude any scripting languages as part of their accepted programs. Instead, we're looking at Android and phones like the Nokia N95 since they have GPS and support J2ME and don't have such restrictions.

The challenge is that Lua doesn't have a "real" port to Java. There have been some attempts at porting Lua to Java before (LuaJava, Kahlua, etc.) or at least attempts at providing an interop, but we're interested in a full port of Lua to Java. Is there any interest in the broader community to use Lua in a J2ME or Java environment?

Basically at this time I'm just gauging interest. If we can show a broader adoption of Lua in Java it would make sense to commit resources to doing a full port, especially if we can "pass on" the code to a strong community base to manage it once it is done. We'd also be looking to an advisory group to make sure that the code being generated has been adequately tested to ensure that the port implements Lua properly.

Thanks for your feedback! If you could also indicate what you would use the port for, if you have interest, it would help in the decision-making process.


Jeremy Irish
President & CEO, Groundspeak