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Announcing release 0.5 of LuaRocks, the system for deployment and
management of Lua modules.

This is a major release in the pre-1.0 series, featuring a number of
improvements and bugfixes.

* New flags in the ./configure on Unix (see configure --help) and
install.bat on Windows (see install.bat /?)
* Support for multiple local repositories. By extension, LuaRocks
features more intuitive configuration defaults (it installs rocks to
$PREFIX/lib/luarocks if you have the permission, and to
$HOME/.luarocks if you don't).
* Flags --from=<server>, --only-from=<server> and --to=<tree>, to
allow specifying exactly where to get rocks from and where to install
them to.
* The manifest file now stores dependency info -- luarocks.require no
longer scans rockspec files.
* 'unpack' command allows unpacking binary and pure-Lua rocks, for inspecting.
* Plus assorted bugfixes.

      *Important for current LuaRocks users*:

      (1) Note that the configuration file format has changed:
      remote servers are now listed in the 'rocks_servers' array
      (superseding 'repositories') and the local rocks trees are
      listed in the 'rocks_trees' array (superseding the 'root_dir'/
      'repo_dir' entries, which were single strings when a single
      local tree was supported).

      (2) The manifest file format has changed. Rebuild your
      manifests with the following command:
      luarocks-admin make-manifest /path/to/your/rocks

Download links and documentation (which still needs to be updated for
0.5) are available at

Check out the ever-growing repository of currently available rocks at:

-- Hisham