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I am pleased to announce the second release of my Tethys SMTP Server
dubbed 2.0.1 "All your moons are belong to us!" (sorry couldn't resist!).

It can be found at

[B]- SMTPSender correctly handles multiple greeting lines
[P]- Added a SpamAssassin plugin (requires a spamd daemon)
[P]- Added FixMail plugin that can well, fix mails (add missing date, ...)
[B]- Fixed LocalDrop to work
[B]- Fixed SendMail to allow to send to external emails
[m]- Allow SQL objects to reconnect if connection is lost
[B]- Fix handling of some mime messages in MIMEMail
[m]- Iconv dependancy (for MIMEMail)

I have submited a rockspec for it, so it should hopefully be soon
available that way too.


PS: If you want a demo you can send a mailto, although
being an SMTP server you won't see much happening :)

DarkGod <>