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Eugen-Andrei Gavriloaie wrote:
> Sorry if this is a stupid question.  But either I can't find the answer
> in the docs because of a "selective" blindness or it's not so obvious
> (I'm a newbie in Lua world). So here is the question:

Other people have actually answered your question, but you may want to
consider adopting a slightly different approach: instead of parsing your
data structure from C, you could instead parse it from Lua and inform
your C code of the data it needs that way. This might make the code
easier to handle. So either:

for index, o in ipairs(applications) do
  inform_c_of_application_type(index, o.type)


function GetApplicationType(i)
  return applications[i].type

...depending on whether you want C or Lua to own the data structures.
Either way, putting the messy bits of the code in Lua might be easier
and more reliable than trying to do it in C --- performance isn't an
issue, right?

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