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Mike Pall wrote:
Shmuel Zeigerman wrote:
Is there a way for an application to find out current values of pause and step? For instance, some library function may want to change these values before doing its work and restore them afterwards.

This won't necessarily work. The collector thresholds are only
recalculated during the transition to the pause state. And this
may happen at any GC step (which could be outside your code).

You're right of course.
I was thinking about single-thread applications, where once my (memory-intensive) task gets control, it won't release it until it ends. But if this won't always work, then there's little point in trying to save and restore GC parameters.

BTW: Shmuel, the time/timezone on your desktop is still wrong. :-)

I've noticed that timestamps of my posts are offset (after we changed several days ago to summer daylight saving time). I just didn't know it required some actions from my part other than adjusting the computer clock. Should I now manually correct my timezone from GMT+02:00 to GMT+03:00 ?
[thanks for letting me know!]