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On 2/28/08, David Manura <> wrote:
> Here's some ideas for extending the online Lua demo (
> ).  Make it an AJAX-like application so that it
>  mimics the Lua command interpreter.  Maybe add IntelliSense and syntax
>  highlighting as well.  Virtualize the I/O layer: replace fopen/fread/fwrite C
>  library calls in the Lua VM with functions that access a virtual file system in
>  memory (rather than simply removing the I/O functions as done in the current
>  sandbox).  Allow a certain set of known URLs (e.g. code on the lua-users wiki)
>  to be appended to package.path so that modules can be retrieved over the
>  Internet via "require" and run in the sandbox.  This shouldn't be particularly
>  difficult, though I don't feel like doing this myself, but if anyone else wants
>  to pick up the idea, I think it would be a useful project.

Unless David has any objections, I'll write this up as a proper
project proposal for Google Summer of Code, and would offer to mentor
the student that might choose to undertake it.  We can go quite far
with this, and I think combined with some of the other ideas that have
been proposed, would be a big win for the Lua community.

- Jim