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From: "Richard Simes" <>
Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code

While a lucene binding/implementation would be a great project for
SoC, i'm not sure it would be accepted:

Perhaps it would be viable if it where under the umbrella of (say) the
kepler project.

From: "Yuri Takhteyev" <>
Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code

Or "" with Andr? as the Summer of Code Administrator :)

I don't see the Lucne idea being a problem.  When we submit our
application we will have some number of proposed projects.  When
students apply, they can propose their own ideas.  If we are accepted,
Google will allocate us some number of "slots" then we work together to
match slots with students.

I'm not trying to game the system, but after reading through the
material (faq, SoC Google Group,  etc.  I don't see a real need to be
"under an umbrella", all we need to demonstrate is that we have a
legitimate project and that we're actually the people associated with
this project.  For most of the possible projects, I think we can easily
do that between by pointing to the appropriate projects listed on
LuaForge.  We can always add someone as a project member to the
appropriate Lua Forge project.  Not to minimize this issue, but the more
important one is to put together a good application.

From: "Matthew M. Burke" <>
Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code

I've created a wiki page () so that we can work on the application en masse. If/when we decide that's a terrible way to write the application....well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it :)

Hmmm....listing the URL would've been a good idea...
I've created a wiki page ( for people to start listing possible projects --- and might even get around to putting
To better conform to naming conventions on the wiki, I've moved the page to

and I will put some ideas there, soon, real soon, I promise, if this
whole pesky day-job thing would let up...