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So that we're all on the same page (a saying I loathe, but find myself using frequently), here's what needs to be done:

1) The mentoring organization (that would be "the Lua community") needs to put together an application which includes who the admin for the project is, what license does the product use, how does the org communicate, etc, etc, what to do if a mentor flakes out, how will we choose our mentors, etc...

This is due by 12 March, but the earlier the better. Last year I was involved in putting together a mentoring organization application which we turned in on the last day. By then Google had already received more applications than they were willing to support (although they have expanded the program significantly each year).

I've created a wiki page () so that we can work on the application en masse. If/when we decide that's a terrible way to write the application....well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it :)

2) We need a list of project ideas. There are two^h^h^hthree things this list does: a) list projects we want to have worked on (duh) and b) serves as advertising of our organization (i.e. hey look at all the cool things so-and-so has going) and c) sparks ideas in students' heads because students are allowed/encouraged to submit their own proposals.

I've created a wiki page ( for people to start listing possible projects --- and might even get around to putting some ideas on it. I encourage to list yourself as mentor _if_ you want. If not, we'll find someone (or not).