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On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 12:45 PM, Fabien <> wrote:
> The question behind syntax extensions is always: does it improve code
> readability?

When considering that question, you should probably add ", and for
whom?" More readable to the average Foo programmer, or the Foo guru?
There's great value in economy of concepts. It's one reason many
people prefer C over it's superset, C++. Minimizing the number of
concepts one needs to know to read/write a language is particularly
valuable in a language used for end-user configuration and scripting.

I occasionally write WoW addons for my girlfriend, and I find
interacting with that community very eye opening. You'd be surprised
at how many people don't know that {x=10,y=20} and {["x"]=10,["y"]=20}
mean the same thing. Sometimes giving people too many ways to skin a
cat is not a good thing.

BTW (OT): I don't know if you guys have ever looked into the whole WoW
thing, but it wouldn't surprise me if the amount of Lua code written
for WoW addons outnumbered every other Lua application combined. It's
huge! *lol*