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All the patches I've previously made are now part of luaSub's built-in- the-same-tgz syntax mods.

Except for LNUM patch, of course, which works deeper and has no syntax implications.

One thing going for the syntax modding (instead of patching) is reduced maintenance work. Patches generally need to be checked each time a new Lua code base comes out, whereas syntax mods would need rechecking maybe at major Lua revises, and even then most likely work without changes.

I do support shifting attention from patching to syntax modding. Time is ripe, and so are the tools.


KHMan kirjoitti 25.2.2008 kello 13:50:

Fabien wrote:
- it gives their chance to syntax experiments. As written above, the
sane attitude for the Lua team is to reject virtually all proposals,
especially the superficial ones. The only way to prove that your
extension is one of the <1% that are worth it is to field-test it on
significant code bases, before it is even remotely considered for
inclusion in plain Lua. For that, you need something intermediate
between inclusion in the official standard, and a shady patch of the
original distro. That's what a proper metaprog system provides. Most
community-suggested improvements first existed for years as patches,
before getting the Lualab blessing.

Well put Fabien, especially the above. In light of recent
discussion threads, I would rather see (from the sidelines)
patches and some codebase ported to the new paradigms, rather than
read yet more re-threads of past discussions.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia