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I've been looking for a good Lua benchmark suite, but my friend Google
isn't being forthcoming. Then I'll do the VC6 vs mingw comparison;
particularly curious about the -mtune options.

steve d.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 10:18 PM, Duck <> wrote:
>  >> Ah, that's why I still love my mingw/VC++ 6.0 combo ;)
> >> Does one BTW get any performance increase from
>  >> the lastest MS compilers?
>  > Don't know for Lua itself, but for other things
> > the fact that the latter compilers (including the
>  > free ones) can use the SSE and SSE2 instruction sets of
>  > current processors, is a major change.
>  That's only an advantage if you were previously using an MS compiler,
>  though, since gcc has long provided code generation options for specific
>  CPUs and CPU features, e.g.
>   -mtune={i386,i486,pentium-m,prescott,nocona,athlon64,...etc.}
>   -mmmx
>   -msse
>   -msse2
>   -msse3
>   -m3dnow
>  Anyone benchmarked the change (if any) in Lua performance when using
>  -mtune= to target the latest and greatest CPU when one is available?
>  Or done a VC6 versus VC8 benchmark? (We already have one report of VC9 <
>  VC6.)