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On 2/26/08, Matthew M. Burke <> wrote:
>  Google has just announced the summer of code program for this summer
>  (  This will be the fourth summer they
>  are running the program.  SOC is an opportunity for various open source
>  software projects to get students to work on project's of interest with
>  Google paying the student a fairly nice summer stipend and a smaller
>  stipend to the mentoring organization.
>  I am more than happy to coordinate this effort and to deal with the
>  paperwork if others think it's worthwhile.  (Obviously I do or else I
>  wouldn't be mentioning it on the list :)  The first step IMNSHO is to
>  brainstorm several tasks we would want a student to work on.  Obviously
>  working on the Lua core is out, but there are a lot of other
>  possibilities.  In fact, helping to develop almost any of the projects
>  at Lua Forge are good candidates.
>  The benefits are as follows: good exposure for Lua (ok, only a benefit
>  if you think Lua should be exposed :), good experience for student(s),
>  and the opportunity for moving some pet project forward.

This is a great opportunity and we should definitely get involved.
I'd love to be considered as a mentor for the students, and would also
be willing to the lion's share of the administrative work.  Organizing
the project takes a bit of work, but it's extremely worthwhile to the
students and the community.

- Jim