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Title: Grupo Hasar
I don't know the compiler details. Would it be too difficult to consider local declarations after a conditional or unconditional 'continue' an error?  Or collect all local declarations (not initializations) at the beginning of  a block? For example, treat the given example code as if it was:

    local x
    if something then continue end
    x = ...
until something-with-x


Javier Guerra escribió:
On 2/25/08, Hugo Etchegoyen <> wrote:
 I am a fan of 'continue' and I have already advocated for it before. Why
should you cancel the scope rule? The given example is clearly a programming
error. Why should programmers be protected from such errors?
ok, so what should be the outcome of that error?

- skip declaration/initialization?
- skip loop test?
- crash and burn?



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