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On 23/02/2008 03:20, Petite Abeille wrote:
>> As a user, I don't find it very intuitive, I just expect a good old
>> Edit link... "Hiding" functionalities isn't a hot idea, IMHO.
> Well... arguably... there is nothing intuitive about any software... one
> simply gets used to them...

Yes and no. There are some common practices, or rules (eg. in design of Windows programs) which ensure a minimal common look and feel. If you break these rules/expectations, you confuse the user.

See <a href="";>Mystery meat navigation</a> on this topic. If I hadn't seen before going there how to edit a page, I might still search it, even more as it isn't obvious that the title is a link (not underlined, unusual color for a link - only the cursor is a hint).

You can make less anonymous edits, choose a time zone to display the dates (would be nice to be able to choose date format too), size of edit area and some styling choices, and options for viewing history.

I see. Too fancy for my personal taste :)

Basically yes, except the date format! ;)
Most readers of the wiki can use Stylish or Greasemonkey to resize the edit area anyway...

Mmm? I believe HTML should be deactivated (escaped) in a wiki, or at least strictly controlled.

Right... I'm slowly coming to that conclusion as well... at least regarding a public wiki... an intranet wiki is another matter though... as one will tend to trust its own users a bit more...

Indeed. Not only that, but you know on which nails you need to hit with an iron ruler... It is often a matter of walking down the open space (unless you manage a very large corporation).

Any proposal to change those colors, while keeping them understated, warmly welcome :)

Bah, a good old tint of blue might be a sensible choice, as it is familiar. Despite the overuse of CSS, people are still conditioned to see blue as a link (underlined text too), reddish color as a visited link, etc.

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